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  • Bank

    Bank is the longest standing ruler of a court in Our Silence Grace's recent memory. She has represented Winter for over 50 years.

  • Crest

    Crest was the Queen of Summer, from 2002 until the tourny of 2011, where she was poisoned at the opening banquet. Currently, she lies comatose while the leadership of her court is uncertain. Crest is known for her dramatic pompt, and booming voice. She …

  • Hgarr

    Hgarr has ruled the Autumn court since 2005. He overcame the former ruler during the Greenhouse War, commonly refered to as "the civil war," which severely weakened Autumn. Hgarr forged an understanding with [[:crest | Crest]] for his court's survival.

  • Saffron

    Saffron has governed Spring since the mid 90s. He vehemently opposed Perro during the civil war, and earned [[:bank | Bank]]'s friendship for his wartime leadership. Saffron prefers not to speak. He will gesture when he can, or use body language. His …

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