Welcome to Our Silence Grace

Sep 04 The War starts

Recap: Previously Crest, Summer court Queen, has been poisoned and Fern, Summer court lieftenant took charge and was killed in a similar poisoning. Jeremy has assumed control of the summer court and has declared war on spring. Following Bulbasor, an acquaintance of Jeremy, into the hedge, the Eye goes missing. Aplemoris goes in to find him fighting stag herd privateers.

Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, members of the stag herd, knock the eye out. After a battle, Squirtle and Charmander die, the motley rescues the eye and takes Bulbasaur captive. After Aplemoris all go to leave Alistair whom stayed behind because he saw something shiny and is attacked by a wolf (possibly the werewolf leader of Aplemoris) saved by Alethea and Leigh.

Finding documents on the mercenarys Tom decrypted them discovering Silver’s correspondence along with directions to the pent house sweet that he set up for them in order to hurt Aplemoris. American money along with poke-balls and gameboys are found among the remains as well as a single cheap disposable cell phone with a few long distance numbers in memory.

As the group drove home to sleep and recover, a bomb explodes an art gallery right by Saffron, Ruler of the Spring court’s private residence. The war is on.

EDIT: spelling & inaccuracies.


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